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So Long, It's Been Good to Know Ya

Unless the powers that be at the new, Google-owned have plans they haven't told me about, Monday will be this blog's final day. I did my first post here

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Royal Caribbean Orders Third Oasis-Class Ship

Earlier today, Royal Caribbean International confirmed that it has placed a firm order with the STX France shipyard for a third vessel in its world-record-holding Oasis class.

The original two

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Small-Ship Line The Boat Company Files Alaska Fisheries Lawsuit

I'd probably call this one enlightened self-interest: This week, small-ship line The Boat Company [1] filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska challenging the

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American Safari's Safari Endeavour : Doing What Small Ships Are Supposed to Do

We have a rarity today: A guest post from one of my longtime colleagues in the marine-writing trade. Due to [cough-cough, hmm, hrrmm], I can't use his real name here,

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Crystal Offers Kids Sail Free Deal

It gets . . . slow . . . around here . . . the closer . . . we get . . . to Christmas. I get... Register to read more...

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